Cupcakes Non-Alcoholic

With simple decoration, such as Berries, chocolate or sprinkles … :

  • Mini Cupcakes CHF 2.90
  • Maxi Cupcakes CHF 5.90

With handmade as desired customized sugar decoration :

  • Mini Cupcakes: CHF 3.50
  • Maxi Cupcakes: CHF 6.50


«Brownie» mit knusprigen Oreo StückenFüllung: VanillecreamTopping: Mousse au chocolat und Oreos

Provence In The Air

[widgetkit id=54] The cupcake to relax and to enjoy: blondie, lavender, merengue.

Remember me

Refreshing “Brownie“ with Peppermint Topping.

Some Like it Hot

[widgetkit id=18] Ginger “Blondie“ with Mousse au chocolat Topping.


Heavenly “Brownie“ with Passionfruit Curd Filling Chocolate Mousse Topping

Strawberry Fields

Seasonal – Vanilla “blondie” with home-made strawberry curd filling, topped with a delicate vanilla butter cream