Terms and Conditions

1. Order

1.1. Orders and Benefits of JUST PASSION GmbH as well as any changes are binding only if in writing a signature was executed by both parties.

1.2. Orders up to 36 cupcakes are to make to 12.00 o’clock the day before. 36 Cupcakes and more until 14.00 o’clock 2 days in advance.

2. Minimum order quantity

2.1. All orders must reach a minimum amount of CHF 60 or 24 cupcakes. The minimum order for cupcakes is 12 per variety.

3. You want to cancel your order

3.1. You definitely have booked your catering. What are your costs?

Cancellation one week before the start of Catering:   25% of the total bill.
Cancellation 3 days before the beginning of catering:   50% of the total bill.
Cancellation on the same day:   100% of the total bill.

4. Liability

4.1. If asked for your reason for JUST PASSION materials are damaged, the customer is liable in full extent.

5. Further terms

5.1. After receiving the invoice, it has to be paid within 10 days.

5.2. Is possibly hired staff busy until after midnight, you have to expect a night surcharge of 50%.

6. Delivery and pickup

6.1. Deliveries within the city of Zurich and on the left bank are free. Deliveries within 30km outside of Zurich are a flat rate of CHF 20 – will be charged.

7. Allergy Information

Unless otherwise stated, our cupcakes contain dairy and gluten. Chocolate and flour, which we use, can always contain traces of nuts. For more information of our products we are at your course at any time.

8. Durability

8.1. Our creations include, inter alia cream and must be kept refrigerated. Thus, they are about 2 days if stored.

9. Changes

9.1 Changes in business conditions are valid only in writing.